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Health | Fitness | Resilience | Attitude | Weight Loss
Self-Care | Staying Motivated | Managing Stress
The Freshman 15 | Athletic Excellence | Running

All topics can be customized by audience, including women and men of all ages, college/young adults, teens, and kids.
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Pam Sherman

Pam Sherman

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Pam Sherman

Pam Sherman

About Pam: As a certified instructor, personal trainer and author for over 20 years, Pam has helped thousands achieve better health with her no-nonsense, can-do approach.

An avid runner since middle school, she has run many races, including the Boston Marathon. She’s also a survivor; in 2017, Pam was hit by a car while running. She was knocked unconcious, and among other things, lost several teeth. As she endured several surgeries and procedures, Pam was determined to keep helping people. She started The Perfect Balance website, which offers her health videos, books, weekly inspirational email, and top-tier coaching programs.

One of Pam’s favorite activities has been delivering motivational speeches to many audiences. She loves to travel and spend time with her husband and 2 amazing kids in college. Learn more

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